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Nail Your Wedding

Photo Credit: Nail Supplies

Your wedding dress won’t be stealing all of the spotlight on your wedding day. The new bling on your left hand will be grabbing everyone’s attention as well. The color on a bride’s nails seems like a small detail, but the perfect shade is all you need to make your new favorite accessory shine. Essie’s Bridal 2015 Collection, which was launched in April, is the perfect follow-up to 2014’s line. This year’s assortment has not four, but six new hues to choose from. The 2014 collection gave us something blue while 2015 gives us something bright and different. Hey, a bride needs their nails looking good for their bachelorette party too.

Essie Tying the Knotie

This is the traditional bridal pink. It’s a sheer classic. Tying the Knotie is perfect for the bride who wants an elegant and timeless look.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Essie Hubby for Dessert

A pale lavender with a hint of grey. It’s edgy, yet feminine and sophisticated. Hubby for Dessert is for the bride who wants a subtle, unique look.

Photo Credit: Essie Envy

Essie Brides to Be

Brides to Be is a nude color with a twist. This shade has hints of caramel and blush pink. Did I mention you can apply it without any streaks? Add a top coat of Essie’s Matte About You for a modern take on a classic bridal look.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Essie Worth the Wait

Are you getting married on the beach? Worth the Wait is the perfect peach to match your sun-kissed glow. The satin, shimmery finish would pair wonderfully with a metallic gold accent.

Photo Credit: Miss Bella Tracey

Essie Happy Wife Happy Life

Nothing says sexy like a woman with red nails. This color has an orange-ish tint which means it’s the most eye-popping shade in the collection. This red will look great on your nails or your toes if you’re wearing strappy sandals or a short dress. Happy Wife Happy Life will sure to make your groom a happy husband as well.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Essie Brides No Groom

This rich hue is for the bride who lives for color. This bright pink will instantly make you stand out and draw attention to your left hand. Are you wanting more of a soft-spoken look on your big day? Brides No Groom is a great polish for your bachelorette party as well.

Photo Credit: Sole Essence

I recommend a white base coat under each color to create an opaque look that really pops without having to apply numerous coats. Shades vary on skin tones so remember to try nail polishes out before your big day. Don't forget to stash an extra bottle in an emergency kit for your wedding or in your suitcase for your honeymoon. Get to painting because it's time to get married!

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