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Purchasing ERICA ANGELINE and EA Partners products from unauthorized sources, either on the web, social media source or in unauthorized retail locations can involve certain risks including but not limited to: The products could be copies, knock-offs, counterfeits or imitations that are certain to be of inferior quality. Authentic ERICA ANGELINE dresses emit a specific design as well as high quality however, counterfeit gowns claiming to be ERICA ANGELINE brands are illegally sold to unknowing consumers every day. Counterfeit websites misrepresent their dresses by using ERICA ANGELINE imagery, customer images, descriptions, and style numbers. 

Before purchasing your dress, do your homework. Ensure that you purchase an authentic ERICA ANGELINE brand dress from our branded online store or social media account by following the guidelines below: 

1. Visit the ERICA ANGELINE website "APPOINTMENTS" page. Our contact information listed on this page is authentic and you are always welcome to contact us to verify our location and product prices.

2. Take note of the advertised retail price. Authentic ERICA ANGELINE dresses are hand-crafted from high quality fabrics and embellishments. Retail prices should be consistent across all authorized retailers. If you discover a store or website that offers a ERICA ANGELINE dress substantially lower than others, assume that the dress is a low-quality counterfeit gown. Also, be aware of words like "inspired by," "imitation," "fake" and "similar to" that may appear on the store's website or advertisement. 

3. Challenge the authenticity of the brand name being advertised. Every authentic ERICA ANGELINE dress will bear a hang tag and inside garment label with the ERICA ANGELINE brand's logo. If your dress is missing a tag or label, it may be a fake reproduction. Also check the spelling of the ERICA ANGELINE brand being represented. 

4. Take note of the pictures displayed on the website or advertisement. If the imagery used includes a model with a blurred out or pixelated face, cropped off head or displays any other suspicious photo-changing feature, the website or advertisement may sell counterfeit dresses. 

5. Visit the website's Contact Us page. An address in the United States as well as a telephone number should be listed, not just an email address. It is also important to double check that the telephone number isn't being forwarded to China or another foreign country. 

Should you ever have any doubt regarding a specific store or website, please report the retailer. Please include as much information as possible about the store or website including the store or website's name, address, telephone number, website address, and email address as well as details about your suspicion or experience with the retailer in question. 

Counterfeit, fake or "knock-off", dresses are created and sold with the intent to defraud consumers. The sale of such goods is illegal in most countries and often shown to utilize child labor as well as fund organized crime and terrorism. Please join ERICA ANGELINE in the fight to eliminate such practices by purchasing from authorized retailers only and reporting fraudulent sellers when found. Do not be another victim! We believe it most important for ERICA ANGELINE to express to you that we are in no way connected or associated with any of these online companies.

ERICA ANGELINE strongly urges you not to purchase from any unauthorized websites. This list is not the complete list of online websites that are selling fraudulent merchandise, but it is a start to know what to avoid.

List of sites to avoid:


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