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Blissfully Unique

Jennifer and Keith’s love story began after meeting at the airport. After four months of dating, Jennifer knew one thing for sure: Keith was the one. When it came to planning their “August Summer Affair” themed wedding, the bride-to-be also knew she didn’t want the traditional white dress.

Jennifer turned to Erica Angeline, a custom wedding gown designer and owner of bridal salon La Maison de la Bridal, to create her dream dress.

“She just knew she wanted something to compliment her skin tone and hair color. After presenting her with about 5 color schemes, she chose lavender and orchid. The two-tone dress features a side split which allows you to see the orchid on the inside,” explains Angeline.

Angeline drew inspiration for the shape and style of the gown from a Balenciaga dress Jennifer loved.

Angeline was also the creative force behind the bride’s notable accessories, a birdcage veil and one-of-a-kind necklace.

"The necklace was actually an accident. We were looking for something that went with the flow of the dress and couldn’t find anything. I had a crystal chain that you usually use as a belt, and Jennifer kept looking at it and complimenting it. I ended up putting it on a sterling silver necklace I had in the store and just embellished it with crystals.”

It seems fate had a hand in Jennifer’s bridal look because Angeline explains: “It was a complete coincidence that the earrings we chose matched the tear drop diamond in her engagement ring perfectly.”

In the end, Jennifer got her man and the wedding she always dreamed of. It seems working for brides like Jennifer is also a dream come true for designers.

“I really loved the bride trusted me to put the gown together without any design input from her. She trusted my vision as a designer, and that’s all you can hope for,” Angeline says.

The wedding was planned by Jan McBee of La Fete Weddings and Events, and it was photographed by Janelle Chung of Janelle C. Photography. Chung was the one who originally sent the wedding photos to Essence Magazine.

Angeline received a call from the bride, Jennifer, a few months later and learned that Essence chose this beautiful dress for the honor of “Most Unique Gown" during the 2014 Bridal Bliss Awards.

“I felt overwhelmed because I have always loved the publication and felt honored,” Angeline said when asked about her reaction.

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